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Jamie Peregrine - Conceptions

Dr. Jamie Peregrine is a fellowship trained reproductive endocrinology and infertility physician. Before joining Conceptions Fertility, she spent 2.5 years on faculty at the Oregon Health Sciences University as a fertility specialist. Her research has focused on Zika virus models and IVF prediction models. Dr. Peregrine relished the opportunity to develop trusting relationships with the couples she cares for.

The Intersection of Endometriosis & Infertility

Come learn the basics of endometriosis pathophysiology, the intersection of endometriosis and (in)fertility, and diagnostic and treatment options supported by medical evidence.

Breakout Session 3

Room 220

Hear from previous conference goers-

“You all do an amazing job at making a difficult, stressful, heavy subject feel hopeful and supported, and at making us feel loved, welcome, and heard."

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