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Infertility Conference Speaker

Alison Brown LCSW
Licensed Therapist
Utah Infertility Resource Center

Alison Brown .jpg

Dimensional Self-Care Planning

An interactive class looking at ways to recognize when self-care is needed and positive coping in the 5 main dimensions of life; physical, social, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Breakout Session 2

Room 209

Alison was born and raised in Utah. She earned her Bachelor degree in social work from Weber State University and a Masters degree in social work from Our Lady of the Lake University. She has worked with survivors of domestic violence and more recently has provided court ordered therapy for clients ranging from domestic violence to substance use offenses, but Alison’s desire has always been in working with those hoping to grow their family. As an undergrad, Alison was told that this population didn’t exist, so she is thrilled to find an opportunity to work where her true passion lies.

Hear from previous conference goers-

“You all do an amazing job at making a difficult, stressful, heavy subject feel hopeful and supported, and at making us feel loved, welcome, and heard."

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