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Ariel Black, RN, BSN

Ariel Black

UIRC Board Member

Ariel has a Bachelor of Nursing degree and has worked in a variety of nursing specialties over nearly a decade. She really found a passion for women's health during her own journey through infertility and plans to pursue further education to become a Nurse Practitioner in that expertise. In addition to her career of caring for and educating others, Ariel enjoys spending time with family, being outdoors, reading and crafting.


After a diagnosis of stage 4 endometriosis Ariel started a journey that included several surgeries, hormone treatments, loss and eventually IVF. During all this is when she found UIRC and a community of people to relate to during a very isolating time. Ariel is honored to serve on the Board of Directors for Utah Infertility Resource Center and is excited to bring her experience to help and support those within the infertility community.

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