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Ask Me Anything

Got Questions? We Have Answers.

The path of infertility is quite often filled with more questions than answers. Whether you have thought to yourself, "I just need details on this specific hurdle I'm trying to get through and can't find anything!" or the opposite, "I have so many questions and have no idea where to begin!" we get it! We've been there as well and want to help you find the answers you're looking for.


Join us each month for a live Q&A session with a variety of professionals connected to the infertility community and are ready to help.


Can't come to the live meeting? No problem! Each month, the meetings will be posted here so you can come view them at your convenience.  You can also submit questions you have here and we can ask them for you, just make sure to let us know if you want us to ask anonymously! 

January AMA


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Ask Me Anything #2 is a Double-Feature! On Wednesday Feb 1st, we will have Alison Brown and Whitney Barrell join us for a live Q&A session. Both Whitney and Alison are Therapists at UIRC with specialties in different areas relating to infertility.
We will also be discussing the upcoming Mind-Body Bridging (MBB) Workshop with Alison for anyone who has questions about MBB or would like to sign up!

Join the live Q&A session here
(passcode: 501012)

Ask Me Anything Videos

Couldn't make it to the live Q&A meeting?

We've got you covered! Click on the links below to access the full recording of the meetings. 

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