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Ask Me Anything

Got Questions?   We Have Answers.

The path of infertility is quite often filled with more questions than answers. Whether you have thought to yourself, "I just need details on this specific hurdle I'm trying to get through and can't find anything!" or the opposite, "I have so many questions and have no idea where to begin!" we get it! We've been there as well and want to help you find the answers you're looking for.

Throughout the year, we have met with several fertility-related professionals that have covered the "101's" of their services to the in-depth questions you have submitted for them. Check out the list below of our full collection of Ask Me Anything sessions.

AMA Sessions

Couldn't make it to the live Q&A meeting?

We've got you covered! Click on the links below to access the full recording of the meetings. 

Lauren Barros Attorney


Lauren Barros JD


Our premiere Ask Me Anything features Lauren Barros discussing some of the expected, and unexpected, legal processes regarding family-building options such as surrogacy and adoption.

UIRC Therapists


Whitney Barrell LCSW Alison Brown LCSW

Two of our therapists, Alison and Whitney, joined us for a chat about caring for your mental health, especially when facing infertility.

Melanee Dahl.jpg


Melanee Dahl MS, CNS, LDN, CD

Melanee Dahl is a Clinical Functional Nutritionist who joins us for two sessions as we talk about nutrition relating to fertility and the mind-gut health connection.



Valerie Schwalbe DPT

While pelvic floor physical therapy is not as well-known as other fertility-related treatments, its positive impact on pregnancy is astounding! Come listen to Valerie discuss the facts & myths of pelvic floor physical therapy.

Dr Trost.jpg


Dr. Landon Trost MD

Male infertility is a common challenge that affects one in three couples who struggle to conceive? Come listen to Dr. Landon Trost, an expert on male reproductive health.

Megan Sewell LAc


Megan Sewell LAc

Hear from Megan Sewell about the impacts of acupuncture and Chinese medicine on fertility, and her approach to treatments before, during, and after pregnancy.

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