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Owlet Donation for Infertility and Loss Survivors

We have partnered with Owlet and Share Parents Utah for a special program for survivors of infertility, pregnancy loss, or infant loss. We understand that the mental and emotional battle scars of infertility do not disappear with conception, childbirth, or adoption. One struggle that many of us face after we survive infertility or loss is an increase of fear and anxiety surrounding our new child. It sometimes feels impossible to enjoy the new addition because we constantly worry that the child we have so longed for will be taken away.  Another hurdle that some infertility survivors may face can be premature birth or childbirth complications. The amazing people at Owlet recognize these uni

Why you should take "having a baby" off your resolution list and what to do instead...

Written by Mandy Nielsen, Marketing Director Today I want to share some tips for setting goals while dealing with infertility.  I have always found that New Years is often harder than Christmas while in the thick of infertility. Another year passing reminds me that the main goal I have wanted for so long remains out of reach, and there is no certainty what the coming year will bring either.  Combine all of this with the endless social media posts about new additions and magical goals and it is enough to make anyone feel defeated. This year, take having a baby off of your goal/resolution list. It can still be something you work for, but, we all know it is something that is out of our con

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