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A Day on the Hill

February 7th, 2020 the UIRC participated in the 12th annual Non-Profit Day at the Capital, here is Salt Lake City. It was a day dedicated for non-profits to educate and advocate for their respective organizations. Our team talked to Utah legislators about the impact of infertility on their constituents, upcoming legislative bills that will impact the infertility community and the importance of medical coverage! There were 75 different non-profits that attended the event at the capital. All had the opportunity to spend the day in the rotunda meeting with State Representatives, discussing policies and what our mission and goals are. We also had the chance to meet and network with other non-pro

Lucky Socks

Did you see our program manager, Annie Hamilton on KUTV channel 2 news? In its "Pay It Forward" segment Mountain America Credit Union graciously donated $500 to help us at the Utah Infertility Resource Center with our "Lucky Socks" program. If you missed the special segment, don't worry... You can watch Annie here https://kutv.com/features/pay-it-forward/pay-it-forward-lucky-socks-are-a-bright-spot-for-women-undergoing-fertility-treatments The "Lucky Sock" program gives a free pair of socks to women undergoing fertility treatments. "It connects you to a community that can relate with you," said Alicia Russell. We here at UIRC have donated about 350 pairs of socks to different clinics aro

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