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My Story... by G DeForte

When I met my husband in 2002 I already had a 4 year-old from a previous relationship. My husband was amazing and immediately stepped up and helped me raise my son into adulthood. When my son was in high school, we decided that we were FINALLY ready to have children of our own. We tried on our own for a year. When I was 36 we sought advice from my ob/gyn. There was about a 1 ½ year delay in treatment as I dealt with some medical issues. We proceeded to do timed/monitored cycles with Femara for another year. Around this time, we moved from Georgia to Utah. I consulted with an ob/gyn here who sent me to UFC for testing. They gave their recommendation for follow up tests and a hysteroscopy. I

Our Story..... By Aleisa Atkinson

My husband and I got married April 2014, 3 months before my 30 birthday. I have always loved kids and wanted them since I was a little girl. Playing house was one of my favorite pastimes. We were both in school so we didn’t start trying to conceive right away. I am the youngest of six children and though I am aware of people with infertility issues my immediate family has had none. One year later I finished up my bachelor’s degree and was ready to achieve my lifelong dream of motherhood. We started trying in September and by Christmas had zero success. My brother jokingly asked when we were finally going to bring a child to the Christmas eve party and I broke down in tears. Everyone asked ho

Honoring Your Strength In The Struggle

You already know this, there is nothing easy about infertility, but my hope with this blog is to highlight some of the notable, positive outcomes that I have seen derive from our infertility journeys. The phrase, “I am woman, hear me roar!” has always made me laugh, especially within moments of my own life that I was able to use it. After I successfully installed a new light in my hallway, I flipped the switch and gave a little celebratory shout when the light came on. When I ended an emotionally abusive relationship, I remember feeling the small flicker of strength, despite the tears that came and were hard to stop. Some of these times were little moments in life, others were momentous occa

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