Educational Consultations

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Educational consultations are free of charge, thanks to our generous sponsors.

"I was resigned to infertility and thought adoption was the only way to build my family. Meeting with a consultant helped me get the information I needed to explore other options that might be available to me. I am very excited to explore my options now."

 "I'm so glad that we had this consultation early in our infertility journey. It was super helpful learning everything from the costs of medications to the emotional side of infertility. It also helped us understand the terminology and lingo of infertility."

"It was refreshing to speak with someone who could truly relate to what I have been feeling. Our consultant was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful in providing us with information we needed in knowing what to do next."

 "This is a fantastic resource for those of us who aren't sure where to turn next… It was just what we needed!"

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m ready to schedule an educational consultation, how do I begin? Click here to fill out the appointment request form and schedule an appointment.


Why should I schedule a consultation? Many people feel overwhelmed by the world of infertility, adoption, or 3rd party reproduction. By sitting down with a knowledgeable consultant, you can get an idea of what your options are and feel more prepared for your next steps.


What qualifications do you have to provide education about infertility? Our consultants are trained on a curriculum that was developed by professionals in the infertility and family building community, including reproductive endocrinologists, adoption case workers, social workers, and UIRC's staff and board.


What will I learn in a consultation? Our goal is for you to know the applicable lingo, feel empowered and prepared to make informed decisions, have an awareness of the resources available, and be able to articulate your needs to your providers.


How much does it cost? Thanks to our generous sponsors and partners, educational consultations are free of charge.


Can I bring my spouse/partner to the consultation? Yes, of course! Both you and your partner are invited to come in.


Where are the consultations held? Consultations are held in our Salt Lake Office at "Meet Me on 33rd"- 1565 E 3300 S.


How long are appointments? Typically, the consultations last about 45 minutes.


What if I have to cancel my appointment? Let your consultant know either via phone or email as soon as possible, preferably 24 hours in advance.


What if I live too far to come in? We are happy to schedule a consultation over the phone.

A note from Board Member and

Former Director of Education

Brooke Walrath

     I believe that knowledge is power. Learning about my infertility gives me some power over it. I know who to call, what questions to ask, and what options are out there.

     Back when my infertility journey began, I didn’t have that power yet, but I knew I needed help. I wasn’t sure which doctors to call, what treatments were available, or how to advocate for myself. I had no idea where to begin, and Google was not always helpful. What I needed more than anything was to sit and talk with someone who knew what they were talking about and what I was feeling.


     Our Educational Consultation program was one of the first things we knew we needed to have at UIRC: A place for individuals and couples struggling with infertility to come to and get the answers they needed. Our consultants understand what you’re going through because we’ve been there ourselves, and we have been trained about the options we haven’t turned to personally.


     By the time you leave the office, our goal is for you to know the applicable lingo, feel empowered and prepared to make informed decisions, have an awareness of the resources available, and be able to articulate your needs to your providers. This is how you get your power. This is how you beat infertility, and we want to help you get there.

Click here to take your power back and request an educational consultation.

Knowledge is power!

Thank You to our Generous Sponsors and Donors
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