Elyssa Zimmerman, Ph. D


UIRC Vice Chair

Elyssa began her infertility journey in 2015 when she married her husband Mike. Having a diagnosis of PCOS from adolescence, she knew it was likely that her journey to pregnancy would likely include medical treatment. Luckily her husband also came with a daughter who Elyssa has been able to love and help raise since the moment they met. Elyssa and her husband faced IVF. They have been so lucky that their process has resulted in a beautiful toddler and a infant first son.


In 2012 she graduated from Gonzaga University with a Master’s in Community Counseling. Following her time there, she began her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology at Brigham Young University, which she finished in August of 2019. Currently she works at Utah Valley University in Student Health Services as a Psychology Resident and the Outreach Coordinator.


She is passionate about mental health, in particular about destigmatizing infertility and maternal mental health. She is very much looking forward to bringing her clinical and personal experience to the board, and hopeful that these will benefit others struggling.