Jairan Ware, MBA


UIRC Board Member

Jairan Ware holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Westminster College, as well as graduate certificate in Marketing. She also earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a minor in Theater Arts, giving her a well-rounded education. During the latter half of her MBA studies she had the unique opportunity to travel to China to study business development in the growing Asia market.


Jairan spent most of her career working in the non-profit healthcare sector, particularly Intermountain Healthcare where she spent nearly 7 years working to improve patient outcomes. During her tenure, Jairan participated in a variety of committees and focus groups aimed at bettering services, efficiency and safety outcomes for patients and their families. Jairan has robust experience collecting and analyzing large sets of data to develop and monitor improvement initiatives.


Prior to her non-profit work, Jairan worked for the State of Utah in the Department of Health and Human Services where she partnered with communities and families to help keep children safe from abuse and neglect. Jairan has a strong interest in foreign policy and geopolitical relations. She is an active member of the Salt Lake Chapter of American Committees on Foreign Relations and enjoys attending and contributing to monthly discussions pertaining to current world affairs.


While trying for their second child, Jairan and her husband were faced with infertility and have undergone many IVF failures. One of the hardest things for her while going through this journey was experiencing firsthand the lack of awareness and stigma associated with infertility. Through online forums and support groups Jairan found a community she could lean on and is deeply passionate about growing awareness and services to the broader Utah community. She also loves traveling with her husband and son,frequenting farm to table restaurants, stores and events, and hiking in Utah’s beautiful mountains.