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At UIRC, we offer special Night Out Events throughout the year which include dinner and a speaker for just $10!

Connect with others on a similar journey in a casual setting. There's always plenty of time to mingle as you get to know and become a part of the Utah infertility community.


Check out our calendar below and join us at our office located in 
Meet Me on 33rd

1565 S 3300 E

SLC, UT 84106

Upcoming Events

October Night Out.png

Join us for a delightful evening of sharing and discovery at our Favorite Things Night Out on October 25th at 7pm. This free event is all about celebrating our favorite things and connecting with others experiencing infertility. 

To participate, each attendee is kindly requested to bring four of their favorite items, with a total value not exceeding $20. These items can be anything that holds special meaning to them—be it beauty products, books, kitchen gadgets, or something entirely unique.

During the party, each person will have the opportunity to present their favorite items to the group. They can explain why these items are their favorites and what makes them special. This sharing session often sparks engaging conversations and helps everyone get to know each other better.

When the sharing session ends, every attendee will walk away with a minimum of four new items from other participants. We hope you can join us for this fun-filled evening!


To RSVP click here
Registration ends 10/22/23


Prior Events

Casino Royale Fundraiser photography: Kylie Faught

Thank you for your generous support of UIRC!

Events Calendar

Events Calendar

Hear from our community

“I was desperate for some peace in my life after receiving information about my infertility. I could not talk about it without crying. It was so nice to talk with someone who understood what I was going through but also a professional who had gone through it themselves."

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