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A Fresh Start to 2023

It’s a new year with an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. What a perfect time of year for making some intentions to improve your health, happiness and fertility!

Here is the good news – improving your fertility is all about making your body, mind and spirit healthier. Here are some ideas to help you start this new year off in a joyful and healthy way. It’s easy to get stuck in an “all or nothing” mindset so give yourself some grace and pick one or two to get started.

1. Eliminate fertility harming toxins from your body and your environment.

Did you know that we are surrounded by chemicals and toxins that are linked to infertility and miscarriage? The things we eat, personal care products we put on our bodies, and cleaning products are just a few of the offenders. Switching to safe, non-toxic products can make a big difference in protecting your fertility. Check out the Environmental Working Group’s website for more information on what products are safe.

2. Nourish your Body.

Take an inventory of what foods you are putting in your body. With every bite, ask yourself “Is this nourishing my body or harming my body?” An anti-inflammatory diet full of delicious organic and unprocessed food is a perfect place to start if you are trying to conceive. Think about eliminating inflammatory foods such as sugar, caffeine, alcohol and gluten. Your body will thank you!

3. Reduce Stress and Start Meditating.

Reducing stress is critical when working on your health and fertility. Stress increases the hormone cortisol in our bodies which in turn creates inflammation. Set an intention to learn

about different types of mindfulness and meditation. Make it a goal to incorporate some meditation, breathwork, journaling, prayer, yoga, or music into your day. Start with five minutes and see how you feel. Trying to conceive can take a toll on our nervous system so adding some stress reducing strategies to your tool box is important.

4. Don’t forget to Sleep!

Sleep is one of those things that is highly overlooked and under-rated. In a world where working long hours and being busy is the norm, this takes a toll on our bodies and our fertility. Our bodies need rest and sleep to repair itself. Set a regular bedtime, turn off devices an hour before bed, practice some breathwork, read or journal to calm your

mind and body. Try to get at least seven to eight hours of sleep every night. In the morning, get outside in the natural light to reset your circadian rhythm, support your immune system and fight off depression.

Remember! This time of year there is a lot of noise out there to lose weight, start a new diet, and to exercise more. Set your own intentions for the year and start small and steady. Feeling overwhelmed with goal setting can cause stress in our bodies and spirits. Give yourself the space and the grace to ease into this new year in a healthy and peaceful way.

You’ve got this!

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