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Big Announcement!

Camille Hawkins, Executive Director

Yes, Camille is resigning as the Executive Director of Utah Infertility Resource Center. You are probably wondering what is going on or why this is happening, especially because she LOVES her job and is passionate about this organization and its mission. Below is a little Q&A exchange between myself (Brooke, the Director of Education) and Camille to let you in on the situation.

------- Brooke: What led you to start UIRC in the first place? 

Camille: Rewind to 2010 when my husband and I started trying to conceive. We were in love and knew we would make the cutest babies! We quickly ran into medical issues which I knew would take some time to resolve. It came to a point where I was either going to have a baby or go to grad school. Saddened that a baby wasn’t in my near future, I begrudgingly went to grad school where I got a master’s degree in social work with an emphasis in public services.

Fast forward to 2014. The story of Utah Infertility Resource Center starts when I sought help with my own infertility journey. Many of you know that after an IVF cycle that resulted in a miscarriage, I began looking for support and came up empty handed. I started an infertility support group in my living room with the help of my new friend I met online, Aupera. Over the next 18 months I reflected on the common themes I heard in the group and realized our community needed a stable organization looking after the mental, emotional, and social needs of those struggling with family building. People needed a safe place to go to talk about how this was impacting their lives. They needed an organization that would advocate for their needs and to help bring awareness to a taboo topic. From 2007 until 2015 I had worked for various nonprofits. I decided to use my masters degree and my experience in nonprofits to build proposal for Utah Infertility Resource Center. I pitched the idea to a few friends, M’Recia, Aupera, Brooke (yourself!), and Kristin who said they wanted to help. UIRC was founded in September of 2015.

Q: What kind of growth have you seen in your time as our Executive Director? A: When UIRC began, all we had was an empty bank account and five passionate women dedicated to helping others. From that beginning, UIRC has seen incredible growth over the past 3 years and we owe that success to two major pieces of our organization. The first part is our services. We developed our services to provide support, education, and awareness in order to help people on their family building journeys. The goal was for no one in our community to feel as alone as we all had felt at different times in our own infertility journeys. Second is resources. At the beginning our only resource was our passion, we have turned our efforts into a full team of staff members, counselors, advisory board members, a board of directors, and volunteers, not to mention the financial support of sponsors and donors. These days, UIRC is a big kid nonprofit. We’ve grown from serving 572 in-person clients in 2016 to 1,176 in 2017. We hold several events and support groups every month and you can frequently find our counselors and other staff working hard in our office making the magic happen.

Q: But don’t you own Utah Infertility Resource Center? A: UIRC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Nonprofits are owned by the community at large to make a difference in society. Community members are appointed to our Board of Directors to oversee the organization and the Board appoints an Executive Director to run the organization. So no, I do not own Utah Infertility Resource Center. You do! We all do!

Q: What led you to the decision to step down now? A: I am a mom to two adorable little girls through the miracle of adoption. They are Irish Twins - just 10 ½ months apart. My dream was never to be an executive director or start a nonprofit; it was to be a mom and a counselor. But back in 2015 I felt called to use my education and experiences to build this nonprofit and give it a strong foundation so it will stand for years to come. It was always part of the plan that this organization would outgrow me, and I am so proud to say it has done so in less than three years. I am so excited for UIRC to bring on an experienced Executive Director to help take this amazing organization to the next level.

Q: Do you plan to stay involved in UIRC? If so, what will that involvement look like? A: They aren’t going to be able to get rid of me that easy! Yes, of course, I will stay involved. I don’t know exactly what my involvement will look like but I may become a board member, I will continue counseling, and/or perhaps take on another, as yet undefined role. I will wait and see how things unfold, but right now my focus is on finding the best possible Executive Director who can take UIRC to the next level.

Q: What can we all do to help? A: What we need most right now is your help getting the word out about this position. We know that you, the members of this great community, are our best asset in finding the right person who can lead UIRC into its next chapter. Additionally, we are always looking for passionate individuals who could serve on our board of directors to represent Utah’s Infertility Community. And last, but not least, if our mission touches your heart, consider making a donation to honor the first three years of UIRC and help us ensure that no one faces infertility alone. For the job posting go here. #UircChanges #InfertilityServices #Interview

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