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California Cryobank

What if my infertility issues are not me.... what if it's him? What if I want to have children now, but I'm not married? What if a LGBQ couple wants to start a family? Well.... each group can with the help from California Cyrobank. For over 40 years their sperm donors have helped thousands in making their wishes come true, they have helped in creating loving families.

No other sperm bank does more genetic testing than California Cryobank. The DNA Advantage donors are screened for more than 260 conditions. "All people carry mutations for autosomal recessive genetic conditions. (Believe it or not, it’s “normal” to carry mutations!) You’re not at risk to have a child with one of those conditions unless you and your donor both carry a mutation for the same condition." For example, if you were worried about a child having cycstic fibrosis, you wouldn't need to be with this technology. This technology expands from every genetic service to Cord Blood Banking. All California Cryobank families now receive the special perks of cord blood and cord tissue banking. You can learn more about Cord Blood Banking here.

CCB provides a variety of reproductive services ranging from pre to post conception. Find a sperm donor for today, store your semen / eggs / embryos for tomorrow, or learn about all the future services for after your child is born here.

All you need to do to start working with California Cyrobank, is to first open an account. Opening your CCB account only takes about 15 minutes and offers great benefits. Membership with California Cryobank makes available to you all of their many services including "genetic counseling, access to donor sperm, and post reproductive services such as discounted premium cord blood banking and the CCB Sibling Registry." The way to begin a family with California Cyrobank starts by clicking here.

We hope you will take the time to read some stories from real clients on their website, talking about their hopes, fears, trials and successes. One story filled with love is from Stacy. She states "As a single mom I felt so blessed that I was able to have a little angel of my own using sperm donation. After he turned 2, I started thinking about the other vial I had and decided it was time to give him a sibling. Soon I got a positive home pregnancy test, and found out I was having a girl. I was so happy! I thought I would never get a chance to be a mother and now I have two little angels."

That is one of many loving stories that we at UIRC love to hear and share. That is why we are very THANKFUL that California CryoBank is one of our sponsors for our upcoming virtual conference. Please join us for a day of learning and support from medical professionals, mental health providers, vendors and the infertility community. It will be held on October 24th, 2020 from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. You can purchase your tickets here and we look forward to helping you through your infertility journey.

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