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Lucky Socks

Did you see our program manager, Annie Hamilton on KUTV channel 2 news? In its "Pay It Forward" segment Mountain America Credit Union graciously donated $500 to help us at the Utah Infertility Resource Center with our "Lucky Socks" program.

If you missed the special segment, don't worry... You can watch Annie here

The "Lucky Sock" program gives a free pair of socks to women undergoing fertility treatments. "It connects you to a community that can relate with you," said Alicia Russell. We here at UIRC have donated about 350 pairs of socks to different clinics around the area. These socks are not just donated to those undergoing infertility treatments but also to those who are adopting, with a matching pair going to the birth mom.

These "Lucky Socks" not only keep your toes warm, but they also warm the cold thoughts of loneliness. The majority of us here at UIRC have all in one way or another have struggled with infertility and we are here to help you.

Today Annie would like to share her journey with infertility and her thoughts about our Lucky Socks program;

"In my fertility journey, I was very lucky in that I had an aggressive OB/GYN. After just 6 months of trying to get pregnant, she wanted to do some testing. After several months of blood work and being on Clomid, she referred me to a Reproductive Endocrinologist. This doctor believed I had endometriosis, something I had always suspected due to the different issues I had during my period (extremely heavy bleeding and pain, sickness, bloating) and we decided to do a laparoscopy to investigate further. My doctor removed several endometrioma (endometriosis filled cysts) and other scar tissue, in addition to discovering that my ovaries were adhered to my uterus. Even after removing the endometriosis, we decided IVF was the best course of action to take because it was so severe. I got pregnant with my son (now 3) from our fresh cycle and then had our daughter (8 months) from doing a frozen transfer. I am so grateful for reproductive technology and how it has helped me grow my family!

I think the Lucky Socks program is a great way to let others in the community know that we are here and they don’t have to be alone in their journey. Most people don’t understand the heartache of infertility and something as simple as a pair of socks can help a person feel understood and supported. Again, it’s such a simple gesture but it’s the small things that can have a big impact! We hope through this program others will learn more about our services and the support out there so this journey can be a little less stressful."

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