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Utah Adoption Specialists

If you are looking for a team of specialists who are caseworkers, gurus if you want to call them, in the preparation of domestic and international adoption home studies, annual home studies, post-placement supervisions, and birth parent counseling, then look no further because those at Utah Adoption Specialists are here to help you! They have served numerous Utah communities for over 75 years.

Those who are apart of the the Utah Adoption Specialists team have helped both Adoptive parents and Birth parents! Besides the home studies and the post-placements, they can help adoptive families with free casework services and adoption training. For birth parents they offer counseling to help you through your dedicated and loving choice. These specialists also provide help with expense management and relinquishment/consent for adoption. For a list of services and fees click here.

The Utah Adoption Specialists supports both agency and independent adoptions. They can send your home study to any licensed adoption agency, or release it to your attorney. For international adoption home studies they can provide both the Hague and Non-Hague studies. They have proven to work closely with your chosen adoption agency to ensure that all requirements are met for the country from which you seek to adopt. To learn more about how they can help with international adoption click here, for domestic click here, and to learn more about the home study process click here.

"We consider ourselves partners in your adoption story and take pride in offering you ongoing contact and support, even after your home study is completed. Never pay hourly for assistance after your study is completed!"

We at UIRC would like to thank the Utah Adoption Specialists for being one of our main sponsors in our upcoming virtual conference, held on October 24th 2020. It will be from 9:00-3:00pm. Please join us for a day of learning and support from medical professionals, mental health providers, vendors and the infertility community. You can purchase your ticket here and we look forward to helping you with your infertility needs.

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