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What do we ACTUALLY do in Support Groups

Shock * Grief * Depression * Anger * Frustration * Hopelessness * Despair * Low Self-Esteem & Loss of Self-Confidence are just a few of the emotions that one feels as they struggle with Infertility. Loosing a sense of control over one's life is normal while struggling with infertility and you are NOT Alone!!

That is why we here at UIRC have developed Support Groups to connect individuals sharing this same grueling experience. Each month UIRC offers many peer-led support groups, these groups provide a place for you to share what is going on in your life - the good, bad and the ugly, with those who are also going through or have dealt with these same trials.

Each month the group leader picks a topic that we will all discuss for the first 10-15 minutes,

we will then turn the time over to group members to share what they are going through. We do a round robin style support group (meaning we pass a talking stick around to each group member). This gives each member the time to talk about whatever they need to share without interruption. After everyone has had the opportunity to share their thoughts we then mingle and have a light snack provided by the group leader. Each support group last about one hour.

Support Groups provide a safe setting for those struggling with infertility to connect with others who understand. Finding emotional support on your infertility journey is important. As men are also welcomed to join along, usually one pops in, the majority of time it consists between 4-8 women at each support group.

"It's about Women helping Women, and Women doing things together & supporting each other." - Diana Burch.

***Now, more than ever, is a time where we need to support each other through these hard times. As if infertility wasn't hard enough, within a week, all of our lives have been turned upside down. Covid-19, isolation, social-distancing, no toilet-paper, grocery stores are barren and others are loosing their jobs. As there's no certainty in what the future holds, what is certain is the help that our support groups give to those struggling.

Usually we meet in person, due to social-distancing we are holding these groups via online. For more information you can join our Facebook groups to see where to attend the online session as each group leader may prefer one chat group over another. For example, if you live in the Salt Lake City area you can join the SLC Infertility Support Group UIRC.

Hopefully in the next month or two, we can all return to our normal lives. Here is a list of the 6 support groups that UIRC covers, the locations and times.

Support Groups: Meet once a month on the same day of the week. This meetings will resume once the social-distancing is lifted.

*Cache Valley - Second Thursday, 7-9 pm

965 S 100 W Suite 103, Logan

*Utah County - Fourth Thursday, 7-9pm

1881 N 1120 W, Provo

*Salt Lake City - Second Tuesday, 7-9 pm

1565 E 3300 S, SLC

*Weber/Davis - Second Thursday, 7-9 pm

1825 W 4400 S, Roy

*Adoption & Infertility - ThirdWednesday,7-9 pm 1565 E 3300 S, SLC

*Pregnancy/Parenting -

Last Wednesday, 7-9 pm 1565 E 3300 S, Salt Lake City

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