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What Is an Educational Consultation?

Right from the beginning, UIRC was about support, education, and awareness. Having been through the process ourselves, we all understood how hard it is to find information, resources, and support. Our Executive Director, Camille Hawkins, came up with an idea to reach out to those looking for help: a face-to-face meeting where someone who has been through the process can talk to you about what you are up against. Voilà: Educational Consultations were born.

Together, Camille, Aupera Van Huizen, and Brooke Walrath researched, developed a program, and created a booklet of information that covers the basics of infertility, treatments, adoption, emotional support, and treatment support. We have also compiled lists of local resources that you can use to guide you on your infertility journey. We know it isn't easy, and we're here to help.

Now we are pleased to announce that our Educational Consultations are up and running. If you have questions or concerns about infertility and would like to sit down with a caring staff member who knows and understands what you're facing, click here to set up an appointment.

Right now our consultations take place at our office in Salt Lake City, and we suggest a donation of $25 although the service is free of charge.

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