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We're here to serve the infertility communities of Utah and the neighboring states. Wherever you may be on your journey, we're here to help. 

In addition to our efforts to raise awareness and advocate for the community as a whole, we also offer these services directly to those experiencing infertility—for free or at a reduced cost.

Support Group
Educational Consultations (Free)

There wasn't a class in high school about navigating your infertility journey. This one-on-one meeting with a trained counselor is a wonderful opportunity to explore all options and next steps.

Counseling Services (Sliding Scale)

For most of us, Infertility is the biggest challenge ever put in our paths and affects all areas of our lives. Counseling—alone or as a couple—is a wonderful resource.

Support Groups (Free)

You're not alone, and what's more—you have something to offer. Our support groups are confidential, free, and located all around Utah.

Third-Party Evaluations (Paid)

Many fertility clinics require a third-party consultation with a licensed therapist. Our counselors are qualified to offer this service to help you to the next step of your journey.

lucky socks.PNG
Lucky Socks (Free)

Infertility is a journey marked by a great many waiting rooms. Lucky socks are a whimsical, but powerful way to remind each other that we're not alone. We've donate thousands of pairs!


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