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Conference Speakers


Join us at Utah’s longest running conference dedicated to the infertility community!

Speakers & Panelists

Keynote Speaker

Ben McAdams
Former Salt Lake County Mayor and Former Member of Congress

Ben McAdams.jpg

Ben McAdams served as a Member of the United States Congress, a Utah State Senator, and Mayor of Salt Lake County, Utah. In his public service, McAdams brought Republicans and Democrats together to find solutions to address homelessness, improve education and health outcomes and promote evidence-based decision-making at all levels of government using innovations, including pioneering social impact bonds to achieve evidence-based outcomes.

Lunch Speaker

Katelyn Peterson Richter LCSW

Katelyn Peterson.jpg

After 13 years as "birthmom", and 9 years as "step-mom", Katelyn finally added the title of "mom" to her resume in 2022 after years of secondary infertility. These experiences have shaped Katelyn into an advocate for education and speaking up for yourself during all aspects and stages of family planning. When not adventuring through Utah's mountains with her husband and twin boys, Katelyn teaches full time at Utah Valley University in the Bachelor of Social Work program. During her rare down-time minutes, Katelyn is usually found with a good book in one hand and a Vanilla Dr Pepper in the other.

"The Audacity of Advocacy"
Katelyn shares her personal journey of teenage pregnancy, adoption, step-parenthood, years of unexplained secondary infertility, and eventual reproductive technology assisted pregnancy and birth of her twin boys.

Workshop Speakers & Details

Workshop Details
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Hear from previous conference goers-

“You all do an amazing job at making a difficult, stressful, heavy subject feel hopeful and supported, and at making us feel loved, welcome, and heard."

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