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The Rose Scholarship

We are honored to present The Rose Scholarship, generously donated by our silent partners who wish to give back to their community. See below for the full details regarding this financial endowment to help supplement the costs of family building.


Thank you for your interest in The Rose Scholarship.  These three $10,000 financial awards are intended to provide an opportunity for family building to someone who otherwise would not be in a financial position to do so.


Upon approval, the funds for this gift will be paid directly to the accredited organization of your choice for the service of your choice. These services include but are not limited to IVF, IUI, and medications through accredited clinics, and adoption fees. These funds must be applied to the organization of your choice within 18 months of the award date. 


One of UIRC values is to provide services to community members of all shapes, sizes, colors, and orientations. We are committed to equity in this process. To that aim, your application will be de-identified and reviewed by a committee from our staff and board of directors. 



Must be a Utah resident

Gross family income under $90,000 yearly

(Previous applicants are welcome to reapply)


By applying, you agree to (1) allow the funders to read your story (they will not contact you) and (2) allow UIRC to post photos from the award and brief information about you (first names only) on social media. 


We are not currently accepting applications for this award. Please refer to our Financial Support page for other opportunities.

Please submit your application to by answering the following questions:


  • What is your gross family income?

  • (Please attach your 2023 tax return to verify income.)

  • Please tell us a little bit about your family building journey (500 words or less).

  • Please tell us how you have engaged with UIRC (events, counseling, support groups, social media, etc.) and how that has helped you in your journey.

  • If you were to win, how do you intend to use the money, what is your next step in family building?

    • What are your plans for any remaining financial obligations not covered by this award?​

  • How did you hear about this opportunity?

  • Please provide your email & phone number.

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