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Welcome to Conference


We're so glad to have you join us today!

Welcome to yet another Utah Infertility Conference!

Since the first conference we held in 2016, I have had the privilege of hearing your stories each year. We here share so much in common, and yet each of our stories has something unique to it. The theme of today’s conference reflects your individuality: 
Show your colors, raise your voice, share your journey.


Let me take you back to when I was about three years into my infertility journey. My depression grew each month, and it was turning into bitterness. Every pregnant woman I saw was an affront to my very existence. Every toddler was a reminder of what I didn’t have. It felt like some invisible force had taken everything away from me, and in that headspace, I lost my compassion. It sounds like I’m exaggerating, but many in attendance today will understand how I felt in that period of my life.


I don’t mean to cast a pall over the day, but this event is not for the celebration of success. It’s about fueling your hope for success. It’s about pulling you out of the darkness that I felt. Today we aim to build you up so you can take your next steps. There isn’t one, straight-and-narrow, “correct” path to parenthood, and maybe you’ll learn something new today that will eventually get you there. We hope against hope for your success, whether it means biological parenthood, embryo adoption, foster care, traditional adoption, surrogacy, or some incredible technology yet to be discovered. But we live in the now, and we celebrate your journey now, the way it is now.


The speakers, vendors, sponsors, and other attendees here today are your guides, your friends, your allies, and your accomplices. They—we—see you, and we see your colors. The love you feel here is real, and it comes from our common ground even as we each veer off in unexpected directions. Take it with you when you leave, and let it help you find your voice. We want you to share your journey, but even more, we hope you live in it.


Thank you for being here. For being now. For giving yourself over to this communal moment that

prepares us all for what comes next. I love you, sincerely.


Brooke Walrath

UIRC Board Chair and Co-Founder

Infertility Conference Agenda

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Thank you for all you do to support UIRC and Utah's infertility community!

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Thank you to our giveaway donors! We have over $25,000 worth of giveaways this year!


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Thank you for coming!

We hope you enjoyed the event and found it informative. We would love to hear your feedback so that we can continue to improve our future events. Please take a few minutes to complete our survey. Your input is valuable to us and will help us make our next conference even better.  Thank you in advance for your support!

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Hear from previous conference goers-

“You all do an amazing job at making a difficult, stressful, heavy subject feel hopeful and supported, and at making us feel loved, welcome, and heard."

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