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Honoring Your Strength In The Struggle

You already know this, there is nothing easy about infertility, but my hope with this blog is

to highlight some of the notable, positive outcomes that I have seen derive from our

infertility journeys.

The phrase, “I am woman, hear me roar!” has always made me laugh, especially

within moments of my own life that I was able to use it. After I successfully installed a new

light in my hallway, I flipped the switch and gave a little celebratory shout when the light

came on. When I ended an emotionally abusive relationship, I remember feeling the small

flicker of strength, despite the tears that came and were hard to stop. Some of these times

were little moments in life, others were momentous occasions or difficult situations to

overcome, but that feeling of strength was always there to hold onto.

In my own life, infertility has not affected me individually, but has been a struggle

for many of my loved ones. While I cannot directly relate to the battles that you have gone

through, I want to focus on what I have seen with each of the women I know in this

community, which I’m sure is the same for women and couples everywhere. I may use that

phrase lightheartedly throughout my life, but I see you all as the ones having the stronger

internal “roar” that I wish to honor.

The first aspect being that I am amazed by is your strength and resiliency. You truly

astound me with your capacities to handle such a personal and intimate struggle with grace

and endurance. I’m sure there are times when it feels like you have nothing left to give, but

despite feeling lower than low, you don’t quit. I hope that you all can feel that strength

inside of you when you’ve lost count as to how many shots you’ve had, how many times

you’ve felt inadequate, or how many times you’ve hated your body; I hope you continue on

and continue to hold onto that resiliency that amazes me.

While it should not have surprised me, I was also so impressed with the different

networks of support that are a part of this community. With my own life struggles, the best

remedy was being able to rely on those loved ones around me that could empathize and

sympathize with me; I am thrilled to see such a large network available for this community

as well! I have loved getting to see the many resources available for those affected by

infertility, but also how many community members have been a source of support for each

other. Especially during the impact of the COVID-19 virus when we may be feeling more

isolated and alone, your empathy and camaraderie continues to be a strong and notable

presence. It would be easy (and justifiable) to feel downtrodden and closed off throughout

the long haul of infertility, but I have seen so many of you open your hearts to others with

kindness and love.

You truly are amazing women, and I hope you never forget the inner “roar” that you have.

Written by: Sara Johnson

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