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Top Christmas Gifts for Those Struggling with Infertility

Maybe it’s your sister, maybe a good friend, but we know it can be a struggle to know what to get your loved ones struggling with infertility for Christmas. Here is a list of some ideas to help you out (Heads up: lots of gift card ideas)!

  1. Money/donations to help with treatments.

  2. Gift cards to restaurants or hotels.

  3. Pineapple jewelry (like the necklace posted in the link below) or other gifts with pineapples, as they are a symbol of fertility.

  4. Movie Tickets

  5. Baking or Meal Kits (especially for those going through treatments).

  6. Better yet, for those going through treatments, bring a meal!

  7. Self-care gift cards (i.e. massages, manicures/pedicures, facials, etc.)

  8. Comfy socks or other comfy clothing for treatment days. We love these socks:

  1. Games or other items that can invite distraction from stress.

  2. Gratitude or self-care journals.

  3. Gift cards for cleaning services.

  4. If they have kids, offer to babysit.

  5. Cozy blankets.

  6. Books that help with grieving and stress. One suggestion is The Comfort Book by Matt Haig

  7. Scented lotions, bubble bath, etc. (Be careful when giving scented gifts as some have actually been linked to infertility issues. Check with your loved one to see if they are avoiding scented products).

  8. Avoiding insensitive comments like “Oh, you can have my kids!” or “Cheer up, it’s Christmas!”

  9. A hot cocoa date with plenty of listening and support offered.

  10. T-Shirts with infertility themes. We love these from Running With Infertility.

Of course, there are plenty of other ideas, but we hope this list at least gets you started. Do you have other ideas? Share in the comments below!

By Annie Hamilton

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