Brenda Spearman, MBA


Executive Director

Brenda Spearman earned a Masters of Business Administration from Western Governor’s University and a Bachelor of Science in Social Science from the University of Utah. She has worked for a variety of nonprofit organizations including the National MS Society, the American Red Cross, and the University of Utah Hospital. She has a passion for creating and growing nonprofit organizations and has recently founded a charter school in her community of Stansbury Park. Brenda is currently an elected board member of the Stansbury Service Agency. She believes in fiscal responsibility, transparency and utilizing volunteers to further the mission and vision of organizations.


In 1997, 18 months after Brenda married her husband, Mike, they were diagnosed with male factor infertility. At the time there was little information readily available and support was nonexistent. They struggled individually and as a couple with this new reality. Mike offered to divorce her, so she could marry someone that was “whole.” They worked hard to keep this trial from damaging their relationship. In the spring of 1999 they started their first IVF with ICSI cycle. In 2000, they were blessed with a baby girl as well as 10 frozen embryos. Two years later they were able to transfer 4 of those embryos and Brenda successfully carried twin girls to term. They decided to try for a boy and after a second live IVF-ICSI cycle they were blessed with another set of girl twins. They had one additional frozen embryo that they transferred which did not result in a pregnancy.


Over the last 19 years Brenda has been very open about her family’s struggles and their journey with infertility. Brenda finds great comfort in sharing her experiences and listening to other couples and individuals as they walk through this difficult time. She understands how important it is to encourage men and women to be their own health advocates throughout these journeys.