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Every Fertility Journey Needs a Roadmap

Over the years, UIRC's staff and volunteers have compiled an extensive list of resources available for couples on their journey to build or grow a family. Many resources are local to Utah and some are national.  While this is not an extensive list of every option/clinic/resource available, our list can be an excellent starting point in navigating your journey.

Get full access to our complete Resource Guide by clicking the button below, or sample specific topics by clicking any of the sections below.

Lucky Socks
Taking Care of a Baby
Local and National Adoption

Utah is home to many adoption services and also served by several national agencies.

Utah Fertility Clinics

Utah has a wide variety of fertility specialists across several counties.

Financing & Grants

Infertility treatment can be expensive. Fortunately, there is some financial help available.

Embryo Donation

If embryo donation is part of your journey, this resource list can help get you started.

Sex Therapy

Infertility can have repercussions throughout your life and relationship. Sex therapy can help.

Alternative Treatments

If you're interested in exploring therapies and treatments outside the box, start here.

Hear from our community

“I was desperate for some peace in my life after receiving information about my infertility. I could not talk about it without crying. It was so nice to talk with someone who understood what I was going through but also a professional who had gone through it themselves."

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