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Financing & Grants

Financial Assistance

While the list below isn't a comprehensive index of all financial resources, it's a solid beginning for your research.

We don't endorse any resource in particular, but suggests you look for ethical providers with experience in your unique situation.

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Local Grants

Many grants require the couple to use the grants given within 12 months of the date awarded.  Keep this in mind when planning treatments with these grant monies.

Footsteps for Fertility Foundation 

Holds annual 5K races in conjunction with grant giveaways via blind lottery drawing in Utah as well as Idaho and Texas.

They often give away full IVF cycles if donated by local clinics as well as $5k grants that can be applied towards infertility treatments.

How many grants are given away depends on how much money the Foundation takes in for and leading up to each race. 

Hope for Fertility

The Hope for Fertility Foundation offers grants to couples all across the United States who are struggling with infertility. We offer financial assistance towards infertility treatments or adoption. 

Bundled Blessings Foundation

Awards grants to couples needing IVF, FET, or IUI or assistance with adoption costs and surrogacy. They hold an annual dinner at which they give away grants in a

blind lottery drawing.

Other Grants

Pay it Forward Fertility Foundation

Gives away grants at various points of the year to be used

towards IVF treatment at SART-approved clinics. Amounts vary. 

Baby Quest Foundation

Gives away grants of anywhere from $2,000 to $16,000 twice annually.

Cade Foundation Family Building Grant

Given once a year and offers up to $10,000 to be

applied towards infertility treatments and domestic adoption.

The International Council on Infertility Information Dissemination

Gives away a basic IVF cycle including monitoring and some other costs. They require you to become a member of their

foundation to apply.

Financing Options

Prosper Healthcare
Light Stream
Attain Fertility
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