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Lucky Socks

An infertility journey can feel invasive, isolating, and long. Not to mention all that waiting in cold rooms. It's no coincidence that the tradition of "Lucky Socks" has grown in the infertility community.


A simple pair of bright or silly socks can be a powerful reminder that we're not alone in this experience. Since opening our doors in 2015, UIRC had gifted thousands of pairs of Lucky Socks to those struggling to build their families. Recently, we've expanded our program to also share Lucky Socks with couples hoping to adopt.

"I had a hysteroscopy to remove some polyps in preparation for a FET. I was having a really stinky attitude about having to do it. I put on these lucky Socks that I received from UIRC a few years ago, and my whole attitude changed. I remembered that I'm not alone in this sucky journey."

Want to pay it forward? You can cover

the cost of Lucky Socks for the next

person! This is totally optional, your pair

of Lucky Socks will still be delivered

to you free of charge.


In Utah alone, 1 in 8 couples experience challenges with fertility and often do not have the support, education and resources to help them move forward in growing their families.

At UIRC, we work to fill in those gaps.

Want to give back to the community? You can easily support our Lucky Socks program and help others feel supported in their journey.

With your support, you can help 1 in 8
to not feel alone in their journey. 

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