Counseling Services
Click here to request an appointment with a licensed therapist who specializes in infertility. We offer couples and individual counseling and our services are offered on a sliding-fee scale based on income and ability to pay.
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A note from our Clinical Team

    Counseling is for anyone who notices that his or her thoughts and feelings about infertility are negatively impacting day-to-day life. Perhaps you find it difficult to focus at work, at school, or during leisure time. You may notice thoughts are constantly going back to, “when will I become a parent? Will it ever happen? Why is my life not going the way I planned?”


    Perhaps when you are around others and the topic turns to children, pregnancy, or parenting, you feel yourself squirming in your seat and a knot rises in your throat. Maybe you are irritable and angry with your partner because they just don’t seem to understand why you feel the way you feel. Those you’ve typically relied on during difficult times may not understand infertility and the impact it has, and you may not have a safe place to discuss your thoughts and feelings.

    Some would like to try counseling, but are nervous about the high costs, especially when family building can cost so much. Our counseling sessions are $100, but UIRC also offers a sliding fee scale. This means we review your income and other circumstances such as the amount spent on infertility treatment or other family building paths. Then we agree on your counseling session fee which starts as low as $30 a session.


    If you’re on the fence about whether counseling is a good fit, give us a call or send us an email. We can answer your questions and help you determine if therapy is for you.


You are not alone!

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m ready to schedule a counseling appointment, how do I begin? Click here to submit the form to request an appointment.


How much does it cost? Sessions are $100 each. We offer services on a sliding fee scale with prices starting at $30 a session. 


Can you bill my insurance for our therapy sessions? We don’t bill through insurance, but we are happy to provide you with receipts to submit to your insurance to see if they will reimburse. Call your insurance provider to inquire about coverage. 


Where are the sessions held? Currently, most counseling sessions are held in our Salt Lake Office at "Meet Me on 33rd"- 1565 E 3300 S.


Can I bring my spouse for a couples sessions? Yes! Arrange this with your therapist.

I’m interested in meeting in a small group with a therapist, is that something you do? We also offer a therapist-lead small group sessions. You will join 4-5 other women experiencing infertility and work with the therapist on issues such as coping strategies, grief and loss, conflict with partner, etc. These small group sessions run for 6 weeks and are $25 per week. Send us an email and we will put you on our list.


I’ve never been to therapy before, what can I expect? You can expect to be heard, and work through issues you’ve identified with your therapist. All of the therapists at UIRC have specific training as well as personal experience with infertility. The sessions last 50 minutes.

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