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UIRC Support groups are peer-led and meet on a monthly basis. They provide a safe and confidential setting for those with infertility to connect with others who understand. Support groups are free of charge and are open to anyone experiencing infertility, including those with secondary infertility or who have already been blessed with children.


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At Utah Infertility Resource Center, we are committed to helping individuals and couples build their families. We understand that there are significant challenges involved with treating infertility, one particularly being the cost of medications. We support all avenues to making medications affordable, especially advocating for insurance coverage for infertility. However, we do not support or allow on our social channels the selling, trading or donating of prescription fertility medications or supplies to individuals. Please contact your doctor and/or clinic about donating or disposing of your surplus medications.

You are not alone!
General Support Groups
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Cache Valley Infertility Support Group
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Weber/Davis Infertility Support Group
Salt Lake City Infertility Support Group
Utah County Infertility Support Group
Specialty Support Groups
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Men's Group Circle Image.jpg
P&P Group PHoto Circle Crop.png
Adoption & Infertility Support Group
Men and Infertility Support Group
Pregnancy and Parenting after Infertility Group
Web Based Support Groups
Utah Infertility Resource Center Support Group

     This group is for women and men who have struggled with infertility. Anyone who fits the definition of infertility and lives in the State of Utah, or has lived in the state for a significant period, is allowed to 

join. Infertility is “a disease of the reproductive system defined by the failure to achieve a clinical pregnancy after 12 months or more of regular unprotected sexual intercourse.” We also allow those with recurrent miscarriage as we see that as a form of infertility.


     It does not matter how many children you have or how you got your children. If you have struggled with infertility and you live in Utah, you fit. This will help us to find people that are local for extra support if needed. We will also be able to share information about resources.

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Utah Infertility Community

     This group is a resource for anyone living in Utah who is affected by infertility. This includes individuals and couples struggling to get pregnant or sustain a pregnancy, medical professionals (doctors, nurses,

office personnel), individuals involved with legislation, or anyone else that has a special interest in the infertility community.


     This is a space where members can feel safe to ask questions, share offers for clinical studies, post deals on treatments or medications and announce upcoming events for the infertility community.


     While you're here, please remember to practice sensitivity and respect and allow everyone to feel comfortable sharing their stories and vulnerability.

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Please contact us if you are interested in starting a UIRC support group in your area.
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