Support Groups

Due to COVID19 UIRC monthly support groups are currently being held virtually. Complete the support group survey to be added to the email list to receive the Zoom link. 

Our monthly, quarterly, and online support groups provide a safe and confidential setting to connect with others who can relate to your journey. All our support groups are peer-led and free of charge. Not only do we offer group meetings in four counties, our community also includes specialty groups that meet regularly.

Monthly Infertility Support Groups

Cache Valley
Meets monthly in the Logan area on the second Thursday.

Meets monthly in northern Davis county on the second Thursday.

Salt Lake City

Meets monthly in the Salt Lake valley on the second Tuesday.

State Wide Virtual
Meets monthly on the third Tuesday over Zoom. 


Interested in Attending a Support Group?
  1. Select the group below that looks like the best fit.

  2. Check the calendar for more information on their next meeting.

  3. Before your first meet-up, be sure to complete the Support Group Survey and read over the Support Group Guidelines.

Support Group

Just being able to talk with others that understand the hard things I'm going through is so validating.

Specialty Support Groups
Image by Kelly Sikkema

Adoption & Infertility
Meets Monthly


While adoption allows people to become parents, it does not cure infertility. This support group discusses the grief and loss of infertility as well as adoption. Current adoptive parents or those considering adoption are welcome,  including those with biological children. This group meets monthly in Salt Lake City on the third Wednesday.

Image by John Looy

Pregnancy & Parenting
Meets Monthly

Parenting after infertility has its emotional ups and downs. Just because you are now a parent or pregnant doesn’t mean your infertility journey ends. This support group addresses fears we face, our unique view of parenthood, postpartum depression, stresses with our unique route to parenthood and more. This group meets monthly in Salt Lake City on the fourth Wednesday.

Image by Matheus Ferrero

Men & Infertility
Meets Monthly


The emotional toll infertility can take on men is unique. From supporting their partners to facing their own grieving process, the journey can feel isolating. The men's support group is for any man who has been impacted by infertility (regardless of the cause). This group meets on the fourth Thursday.

Image by Aaron Burden

Infertility and Grief 
Meets Monthly 

Our Grief and Infertility Support Group provides a space to support and grieve the loss of a baby in any stage (embryo through birth). This group is led by a therapist and other group leaders who have experienced infant loss. Attendees will be provided with education and coping strategies, stages of grief, self-care and communication. Meets on the third Thursday of the month.